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Studio 45

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If you are an aspiring singer/musician/songwriter with a desire to get noticed in todays competitive music industry, then it is crucial that you present your music/talent in the best possible way.


We believe that, with our understanding of the modern music industry and our unique skills as producers/musicians/somgwriters, we can transform your ideas into a finished product, which represent you at your absolute best!


Our friendly yet highly professional attitude to producing and writing music will make you feel relaxed and help assist you to reach your goal, as we listen to your ideas and guide you through the writing/recording process towards a finished product of the highest standard!


We offer the following services:


Singer songwriter.


You present your idea and we will produce your track. We will program/record all instrument and vocals and mix the song/music and you will have a finished product at the end of the session.


Our all inclusive day rate is £200


Mail service


You send us your idea on via email or post. We will record your song including the vocals with one of our session singers and you will receive the finished product within 6 working days.


All inclusive price £300


Lyricist service


You send us your lyrics and suggestion to what kind of music and tempo you would like. We compose the music mto fit your lyrics then produce the track/song as described above.


The cost of this service is £300 and the publishing rights of the song are shared equally between you and studio 45



Mastering and Mixing


We can offer mastering and mixing of music that has been recorded in another studio.


Cost £25/hour min 3 hours



All the above prices can be adjusted to suit your projects just ask for a quote via email or call Mike 07940046182

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